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Why Become An Investor?

Large Market Share Opportunity

As one of Canada’s first “Go-To-Market” mobile fuel delivery companies, FuelingAround™ is positioned to take a large portion of the market share as we expand.

Low Overhead Business Model

With our Owner/Operator model, along with data collection and in-app advertising, FuelingAround™ has multiple income sources and very little output costs.

Environmentally Friendly

The demand for fuel is not declining & traditional gas stations are not safe for the environment (let alone profitable). We offer an eco friendly way to deliver energy as demand changes.

Have you watched companies like Tesla, Uber and AirBnb come in and disrupt entire industries all while stock prices soar? 

FuelingAround™ is another leader disrupting an age-old industry set up to expand and take on a massive amount of market share.

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With Our Model

Low Overhead/High Margin

FuelingAround™ does not have the high overhead of a traditional brick and mortar business. That, along with negotiated fuel pricing allows for higher than average margins in the fuel industry.

Environmentally Friendly

Our model removes 1lb of carbon from the atmosphere per car/per fill. We are also working to remove fuel tanks from the ground to lessen the environmental impact of the fuel industry.

Data Collection

Our in app data collection and advertising platform is just another revenue stream inside the business model.  FuelingAround™ plans to expand our delivery service to more than fuel in the future.

We are disrupting the 100 year old fueling industry. Join us in the Revolution!

We know that it can feel risky to invest in “Start-Ups”. FuelingAround™ is already an operational business that is expanding daily so you can see where you investment is able to impact our growth in a positive direction.

From my experience in aviation and managing a dealership, I thought a mobile fuel service could translate into the automotive world pretty well – it has exceeded my expectations. Using FuelingAround™ has been seamless, saving the business both time and money.

Business Customer

Rory Wood

General Manager,

Okotoks Ford Lincoln


Current Fuel Market

With all of the hype surrounding EV technology it may seem like fuel consumption is on the decline.

Fueling Around Business Model

Wondering if you should partner with FuelingAround™? Whether you invest with us or become a member of the FuelingAround™ Family as an Owner/Operator, you will be pleasantly surprised at our low overhead model.

Government Relationship

Learn how we have created relationships within the government to elevate the level of FuelingAround™ and the mobile fuel delivery industry.

At FuelingAround™ we know that you want companies in your portfolio that are able to take on an expanding market share in their industry. In order to do that, you need confidence in the companies you add to your portfolio.

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The problem is most “start-ups” are risky and there is not much equity if things go wrong, and you are never quite sure where your money is going to be utilized which makes you feel uncertain. 

We believe that you should know exactly what your capital is being used for and the execution plan for the growth of the companies you invest in which is why we connect each of our investors to one of our management teams . This allows you to know exactly where your capital will be allocated.

Here is how we do it:1. Register to watch our growth presentation by entering your email and name. 2. Connect with one of our FuelingAround™ Management Team to learn more about getting involved.3. Become a member of our FuelingAround™ Investment Family and stay up to date with regular growth reports.

So, click and watch our presentation now and one of our team will connect with you in the coming days. In the meantime, click on some of our other YouTube videos to learn more about FuelingAround™. 

It is time you stopped worrying about missing out on great companies in your portfolio and instead invest your capital with a clear execution plan and strategy with FuelingAround™.

FuelingAround™ For The Investor

To learn more about FuelingAround™ and how you can get involved, simply enter your name and email to register and watch our expansion presentation. Learn how you can become a FuelingAround™ Investor today.

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